Complexity in assembling any Sunday morning service

   We strive and strive to make it seem like a given service is effortless.  The congregant sits in his pew and observes the "event", not realizing the difficulty and complexity of the ingredients.  

Each service requires the following coordination:

1.   Arranging and/or composing the music, or choosing existing material that will fit the theme of     the day, or the sermon of the week.    

2.  Printing parts, or formatting into digital files.       (weeks in advance)

3.  Making sure that all band members, and all choir members get copies, and a folder.

4.  Scheduling rehearsals for both band and choir and tech, then scheduling additional musicians and tech personnel.

5.  Setting up the audio and video in the sanctuary for rehearsals.

6.  Rehearsing Wednesday nights and Thursday nights, compensating for missing people, which may mean changing the song selections.  

7.  Organizing the weekly service plan and adding biblical references, prayers, readings, mission statements, announcements, children's time if necessary, sermon topics, et al.

8.  Assembling the multimedia presentation on the big screen..... 3 days.  Waiting until Thursday or Friday for input and additions from pastors. 

9.  Do a test run in the balcony for all video to check formatting and sizing to the big screen.  Because of late submissions, this may have to happen very early Sunday morning, 6am.  

10.  Sunday morning stage setup is different for both services.  Call for tech people is 6:30am, and call for band is 7am.  

11.  Setup for audio/video in the balcony includes setup for online broadcast.  Coordinate with 3 guys to integrate the audio with the video shoot which includes panning, zooming, focusing in on pastors and soloists, as well as the powerpoint presentation, etc.  

12.  Planning the rear confidence screen for the vocalists for each song, and announcements for the pastors, etc.  

13.  At the end of the service, download the master video file and convert to mp4 format for uploading to the website for On Demand viewing.  Extract the sermon video and audio, and extract any special performances for Youtube channel, BPCTeam, and this site.  Then post those extractions to this site.  

14.  Website design and updating each week.  

You can give Katheryne Levin a big hug and thank you, if you see her, for this gargantuan task coordinating it all.  It is quite overwhelming, and she really needs a day off!






Posted on September 12, 2014 .