The Communion of Great Music Making

Occasionally, worship musicians find brief tastes of the musical communion for which we long. As a musician, this can happen when playing music with others. Sometimes when an ensemble of musicians are playing or singing together, we begin to feel as if we are one organism. We can communicate without talking, the music blends so astonishingly, the rhythm, voicing, harmony, are all so locked-in together that we experience an amazing, humbling delight at simply beholding the sound we are making.

For a few too-brief moments, the many become as one. When the song is done, we all look at each other astonished by what we have just heard (typically followed by long silence, sighs or ecstatic laughter). And what runs briefly through our heads is something like, “Wow, that sounded amazing! And I got to be a part of it!” Well, this is truly wonderful, and our hope is that it transcends the inner experience of the band into the outer experience of the congregation. Luckily, we find ourselves dragging and kicking the congregation along with us. And everyone rejoices.

Posted on April 21, 2014 .